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Need for Geriatric Care at Home

Need for Geriatric Care at Home

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This holds true for most of us, especially the elderly of our family. The young and the restless go out for the quest of new and exciting goals in their lives trying to move out of their comfort zone, while the opposite holds true for the elderly; they want to return back to their comfort zones, familiarity for them breeds security. Comfort and care are the two most important things in the lives of the elderly, and the only place that they can get it is at home. While some time back the elderly courted the idea of moving to a place where they will get care and assistance, leaving their homes behind gnawed at their hearts and they were just not comfortable in a place they could not call their own. The children too were distressed to see their parents, aging in an alien environment. But, what if the care and assistance come right at their home? They can stay independent, comfortable and safe.

Professional in-home caregivers provide diligent care and they get help in carrying out assistance as well as care with everything they do. Caregivers not only provide assistance but companionship to the client ensuring the children stay worry-free even if they stay far apart.

Senior Citizens are Living Longer Lives with at-Home Geriatric Care

In the past few decades, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the lifespan of seniors.  The elderly population is thriving thanks to the medical advancements ensuring they lead longer and healthier lives. Medical advancements also ensure that they live the sunset years with health and happiness. However, with an increasingly aging population, the need for long term care options including state-of-the-art Geriatric Home Care. More seniors are giving serious thought to the idea of staying at their homes instead of going to live in care institutions.

There are a number of families who are showing interest in seeking proper guidance and advice on matters related to their loved ones. Knowing about the choices available can help them make informed choices.

What are the Services Included in the Geriatric Home Care?

Home care for the elderly is usually mostly about non-medical services, at least that is what most people think. However, there are Geriatric services that can help the seniors stay at their home availing a number of services, including medical and non-medical. Some of the important services include the following,

  1. Household maintenance. It is difficult maintaining a house smoothly. With age creeping on you, conducting everyday chores may feel a bit of a task. You may keep at it but keeping up may seem arduous, regular chores such as the laundry, housekeeping, shopping, gardening, and handyman services can take a toll on you. If you’re having trouble keeping on top of bills and appointments, it is time to explore options such as Geriatric home care. They make coping with daily hustle easier. The concierge desk at geriatric care centers helps keep tabs on the utility bill payments, police verification of household help, booking for medical visits and utility services, shopping for daily necessities and so on.
  2. Companionship – Loneliness is a big problem with aging individuals, with children settling elsewhere, busy with their jobs, the empty nest syndrome hits the golden agers hard. There were days when life moved at a frenetic pace, now it totters at an abysmal pace. It becomes worse for individuals who lose their life partners to sickness or aging. Filling up that empty spot in their lives is tough but the right companion from geriatric home care can fill in the gaps, effortlessly. Engaging in conversations about the past, going down the memory lane can keep them engaged with fun banter, meaningful conversations and filling up the lonesome evenings with a healthy dose of humor, fun and easy camaraderie. Community desks can also arrange regular meetups such as sight-seeing trips, events, and yoga seminars, maintaining a hectic social life becomes possible again.
    Personal care assistance – Personal care includes help with daily activities of daily living, including options such as bathing, dressing, or meal preparation. This is widely known as personal or custodial care. Home health aides in most home geriatric care can include personal care services ranging from a few hours a day to sometimes around-the-clock live-in care. They can also offer assistance with things such as taking blood pressure or offering medication reminders. Many elderlies do not require full-time nurses while there are some who require full-time caregivers owing to several health problems. Personal care assistance caters to every minuscule need of the elderlies. Here, the goal remains taking care of them every step of the way such as fixing a diet plan, giving medications on time, feeding with bathroom assistance, assisting in-home exercises et al.
  3. Transportation – Transportation is a major problem with older adults. In some cases walking becomes a problem because of the regular aches and pains associated with old age, driving, especially driving at night can prove to be a hindrance. Accessing public buses, autos and other regular transportation services fail to help the elderly. It is important to seek home assistance that will help book taxis on apps or get specialized senior transportation services to travel from one place to another while maintaining a social network.
  4. Home modifications – Making your home elderly-proof is one of the key points of home geriatric care. As you age you start facing mobility issues and home modifications can go a long way towards making your home a safe haven, keeping it simple, comfortable and accessible. Home modifications include grab bars in the shower, ramps which help avoid or reduce the use of stairs or help install a new bathroom on the anti-slip bathrooms on the ground floor. The trick is to make the movement as independent as possible.
  5. Health care – Some healthcare services are provided by trained professionals who are social workers, occupational therapists, or home health nurses. Check with your home geriatric care services to see what kind of services are available. There is geriatric care that offers technology-backed services such as facial recognition from live feeds, providing a digitalized medical record, providing Live information from wearable tracking devices,  facial recognition from live feeds to know and map the exact state of mind they are in, tracking sleep patterns, activity patterns, tracking fluctuations in blood pressure levels, heart rate patterns, blood oxygen levels, calories burned to conduct a predictive analysis record, that predicts and avoid any kind of health issues. These technology-backed services collect information together to come to an optimized solution.

Geriatric Home Care is the go-to solution for a majority of the aging population and their families, as a well-thought-out home care plan, which is all-encompassing, including a humane technology to boost a client’s overall well-being.

Karmasthal is one such at-home geriatric service that promises never-before-seen or practiced geriatric services. What sets us apart from the other Geriatric care services is introducing technology with a human angle. If you are concerned about your aging parents living a less-than-ideal life far away from you it is time to find out about some of the best home care geriatric services around you. It is important to plan ahead and examine the best home care services available so you can make it easier to make an informed choice one that is appropriate for you and your family. We, at Karmasthal, believe that we can take care of your elderly parents or family members with care, caution, and gumption. Let us make life easy for you and make quality geriatric care accessible and affordable.

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